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  • Empowering University students for the future changing and accessible ecosystem.


EDUCA4ALL project, consists in addressing the challenges faced by people with disabilities by ensuring the learning of the social competences that the university student must acquire for the exercise of each profession in its relationship with the “design for all - D4ALL” principles and with people with disabilities, their rights, needs, how to solve them and how to investigate in this matter.


  • Raise araweness among university students of the need to create environments that are respectful...

  • Provide the future professionals who will intervene in the design of the environments with tools...

  • To get educators to introduce D4ALL in their teaching programmes and even in the end of degree...

  • Make D4ALL present in the basis of every university degree. In this way, the main operative...

Target group

  • Social inclusion is based on equality

  • Bringing these challenges closer to European universities

  • Providing training to future professionals in matters of D4ALL

  • The European Union considers that education has a central role


Design for ALL, focusing attention on the agents that will intervene in the design of the future: “the students at the University”.

The most innovative aspects of the project is to address in an indirect way the difficulties and obstacles that people with some form of disability face in their day to day. Instead of adressing directly and individually the current challenges faced by people with disabilities, this project intends to take a step backwards and take into account the principles of D4ALL when designing the environments and services of the society of the future.

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