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  • Claire Haym in her LinkedIn post “Dispelling the myths over the price of accessibility” tries to offer her point of view based on her experience in the adaptation of spaces, toilet facilities in particular, about how the price of inclusion is not as high as in a beginning can be thought. Many establishment owners think that accessibility cost is very high in contrast with the profitability they will get back in reward. But this expenditure, apart that is totally justified has not to be that high.

    On one hand if the places construction is designed since the first moment taking into account all the people needs, the cost of the adaptation will not be as expensive as it would be if adaptation has to be done later.

    On the other hand, if all the facilities of a service are designed for all the population, the number of customers that will be able to attend and make use of the service will be larger, than if these customers find barriers that suppose a challenge to them, which will definitely influence in the company profits.

    As well, is important to take into account the dignity and well design in all moment, so the places that offer good accessibility conditions has not to sacrifice its aesthetic.

    If you are interested in how accessibility can be tackled in the toilet facilities, check the English company Closomat and its campaign “Changing Places”: https://www.closomat.co.uk/changing-places/changing-places.html