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  • Including accessibilty in sanitary spaces is essential, in such a way the same space can meet the needs of everyone.

    HCMA Architecture + Design from Canada published a document with the strategies and guidelines to include universal design in the washrooms and changing rooms. Building this universal washrooms suppose a benefit for multiple sectors of society, as well as increase the safety, efficiency and privacy.

    These guidelines include inclusive signage and installations. These washrooms are thought to accommodate everybody regardless their specific needs or conditions and without discriminating in any aspect.

    You can download here the document and read more about these strategies.

    The Rodney Warmington Churchill Fellowship from Australia has also launched the report “Exploring Accessibility and Inclusion in Public Toilets” talking about accessibility in public toilets. In this study, a research of the needs and barriers in toilets faced by the population in different parts of the world has been carried out.  As well, searching of the best practices and legislation in different countries and by different companies within the sector has been collected.

    It Is important to analyse both parts, demand and offer, to know the actual situation, and to be able to identify the best conditions able to fit all the population needs and the way to reach them.