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  • This compact pretends to combat challenges like discrimination, lack of awareness and the role of local governments. It will be a platform to foster the commitment of the different parts, through enhancing the leadership of mayors, exchange of best practices, provide technical assistance to cities and governments, and innovative research

    Individuals, organizations and city institutions are claimed to sign this compact to join forces and work together to make cities accessible for every citizen without leaving anyone behind. There are other spaces in which experiences and practices can be shared among these actors, like the global Community of Practice Rallying Cities for all within the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the Global Network on Disability on Inclusive and Accessible Urban Development (DIAUD).

    The principles that rule this compact are: non-discrimination of the groups in risk of exclusion through equitable and affordable fulfillment of human rights, accessibility of the cities, eliminating the barriers of the physical and digital environment, participation of persons with special needs in urban planning strategies, inclusive urban policies and programs complying with the accessibility legal requirements, capacity building being improved through research programs and data for development so governance can be evidence-based and supported by disaggregated data.

    You can search for more information in this link and you will be also able to sign if you are interested