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  • Technology and its fast advance is improving the life of the majority undoubtedly. The evolution of technology has improved different areas like employment, entertainment, information, among others.

    But considering all the advantages that technology has implied, it is also necessary to consider all the risks and inequalities that it may foster. These risks involve the difficulties or exclusion of many people to access to it, due to age, geographical localization, economic possibilities, or different capabilities. Thus, the future professionals have to be aware and trained for this reality.

    Technology is a very important tool that provides a great autonomy and independence, that´s why access for everyone has to be granted. Technology companies are actually looking for expert employees in accessibility, understood as the characteristic of being usable by everyone , regardless their personal situation.

    Nowadays the students of the courses and degrees that will be the technology professionals of the future, are not being well trained in accessibility, as it is a topic barely introduced by the schools. Teach Access is providing the contents that may fill the gap of accessibility training in the different courses and degrees involving technology. Further information can be found in the following link: http://teachaccess.org/resources/fact-sheet-why-teach-accessibility/