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  • An important element in construction which can make a great difference, are pavements. Pavements should not suppose a barrier in the mobility, in the other way, it should contribute to improving the comfortability and safety of everyone.

    To get this, it is necessary to take into account some conditions which should be reached always, to make spaces accessible by everyone, like continuity, avoid slipping hazard and reflections, appart from adequate width, lowered kurbs and non barriers, among others.

    Regarding to the goal of implementing the adequate pavement in each space, an European Project is being carried out with the collaboration of different universities named SaferUP!

    The last objectives and deliverables of this project are the training of top level researchers and proffesionals to make them aware of the need of ensuring safety and accessibility of pavements as well as sustainability and to study how the implementation of technology can contribute to it. Pushing forward the urban pavements design and its management to get more liveable and inclusive cities, engaging all the stakeholders involved, among which industry and academia need to have a constant relation and knowledge transference.