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  • We recently updated the Self-Assessment D4ALL Guide, one of the main outputs of our project, with the aim of analysing the level and starter point of universities regarding to implementation of design for all in Civil Engineering and Architecture curricula.

    This is an easy tool with which each university can evaluate themselves, knowing the current stage in the implementation process, answering some easy questions about the awareness among the university population, specific teacher training on this subject, and implementation in the curricula, both as a specific subject or as contents of UA & D4ALL included in a transversal way.

    The self-assessment has been tested by the partner universities in the project: Brunel University, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, University of Bologna and University College of London.

    These results, even though are not enough to be conclusive, are interested as they might be representative of the reality of many other universities.

    • In terms of awareness in disability in most universities, this only involves access to university and learning support, but nothing else.
    • Although less than 50%, a significant number of teachers are sensitized to include D4ALL in the content of their subjects.
    • Universal Accessibility and D4ALL are already considered transversally in some subjects.
    • Some specific events are planned with Universal Accessibility and D4ALL as the protagonist.
    • Only limited parts of a small number of subjects include topics related to the D4ALL or UA.

    These conclusions show that more efforts are needed to get both teachers and students as well as the rest of the university environment really engaged with universal accessibility and design for all. The following outputs of Educa4all project will continue contributing to this goal.