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Social inclusion is based on equality. Therefore, society must focus on the inclusion of universal accessibility criteria making day to day activities and opportunities accessible to every single person in every single condition, independently from their situation of disability. The European Union considers that education has a central role in fostering both societal and economic progress across the EU. It demonstrates that education is crucial for young people's transitions from basic education to the labour market and for their successful integration in society.

Providing training to future professionals in matters of D4ALL and disability is a way to establish the bases of an inclusive society that undoubtedly would imply a great advance in inclusion and equality.

Hence, an innovative project aimed at raising equality and improving the future conditions of people in a situation of disability, needs to be focused on the training of tomorrow professionals, empowering university students for the future changing ecosystem.

Bringing these challenges closer to European universities is the best way to ensure considerable improvements in the well being of people with disabilities in the near future.