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Results: 2018

  • Self-Assessment D4ALL Guide (Updated June 2020)

    The assessment of the real situation of the UA & D4ALL implementation is nowadays a complex reality where the existing diversity is mixed with the difficulty of assessing as there is no clear assessment criterion. On the other hand, the lack of awareness of the universities and the teaching staff makes their assessment difficult since it is not considered by many to be a topic of relevance for the current Study Plans. In addition, it is also important to differentiate between the theoretical inclusion in the study plans and the real implementation, since often the theoretical indications do not have a development that reaches the student.  

    From the debate among the different partners of the project (teachers from the different universities), as well as the UA & D4ALL experts who collaborate in the project, a self-assessment test is proposed as an useful format, with a clear and simple content, which allows easy validation and thus offers greater participation guarantees. The three fields that are defined for self-assessment test are: Awareness, Teacher training and Implementation in the Curricula. 

    In this Self-Assessment D4ALL Guide the self-assessment tool can be found, as well as the obtained results from the pilot test carried out among the partner universities in the project.