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Results: 2019

  • Intelectual Outputs 2019

    This document corresponds to the second Output Identification (O2) deliverable, in the EDUCA4ALL project: Required capabilities for educators to include the Design for All (D4ALL) principles in current teaching practices.

    In this phase of the project a D4ALL training course for educators has been developed.

    It is considered as starting evidence that there is insufficient training on Universal Design among the university teaching staff.

    This training course for educators is aimed at those university lecturers and professors who develop their teaching in Architecture or Civil Architecture degrees, independently of the subjects they teach.

    It is proposed as an optional option for universities to offer their staff, leaving open the possibility of possible compensation or advantages (to be specified for each University) for those teachers who complete the course.

Results: 2018

  • Autoevaluación Guía D4ALL

    Under revision

In short, EDUCA4ALL project´s overall result, will show a complete guide to actions that will serve to promote a Universal Accessibility and D4ALL educational programmes in university education system that will undoubtedly revert to society as a whole.

The implementation of the measures set out within the different IO included in EDUCA4ALL project will set the basis so that environments, in addition to being sustainable, inclusive, functional, understandable and aesthetic, are also respectful of the diversity of all users. Future professionals who take part in the design of the environment, will take into consideration social diversity and give place to the elimination of the barriers that today face people with disabilities.