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  • EDUCA4ALL Educational Programme is the result and high point of this European Project, whose aim is to spotlight that Architects and Civil Engineers need to have a training in Universal Acessibility and Design for All for the exercise of their profession, presenting a methodology to introduce these concepts in university curricula. 

    Educa4all Project have developed a process with the implementation of UA&D4ALL concepts in Architecture and Civil Engineering curricula as an end. This process starts with a self-assessment to know the starting situation of universities, followed by a training of trainers to ensure quality of implementation and adequate students training. Finally the Educational Program adapt its Study Plans by integrating new learning capacities on UA&D4ALL. 

    To make real this implementation in university curricula, the members of the Project have worked on defining the specific learning capacities. These competencies have been structured in the following groups: Basic Abilities, Humanistic Abilities, Urban Abilities, Construction and Systems Abilities, Projects Abilities and Cross Abilities. 

    Thus, in the document, a capacity matrix can be found which allows each university to analyse which of the determined competencies are covered by one or more taught subjects and which competencies are not yet considered in the study plan. 

    Furthermore, this methodology has been tested among Educa4all universities partners, launching as result that inclusion of UA and D4ALL competencies appears to be feasible, especially in basic UA&D4ALL specific capabilities and Safety and Security, however, some of the limitations presented are lack of  jointed approach and concerted effort led by the accreditation bodies, as well as university lengthy approval processes for any course modification. 

    Check the document.