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  • Yesterday, June 11th a training and awareness session was developed, aimed at the teachers of the both partner universities placed in London, UCL and BUL.

    Representatives from the different partner entities involved in the project (Bologna University (UNIBO), Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV), ONCE Foundation, Brunel University (BUL) and University College of London (UCL) as the hostess) took part on the session where many key topics and considerations on accessibility and how to teach accessibility at the university were discussed. Some of the main topics discussed referred to different projects and investigations being developed by UCL and ONCE Foundation, but also referring how to teach the students the need to design for all, making a change in the thinking process of the future architects and Civil Engineers.

    At the end of the presentations and the discussions, a practical workshop was developed, where participants were able to experience accessibility on their own, trying different support items used by people with various disabilities.

    EDUCA4ALL project is part of the European Commission ERASMUS + programme and its aim is to provide educative institutions with the necessary knowledge and tools to meet the universal design rights recognised in the European legislation. To this purpose, it will enable  teachers to educate students form different  training plans to tackle those needs and barriers that people with disabilities have to face. The project has an estimated budget of 180.000 €, it was started in September 2017, and it is expected to be ended in July 2020.