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  • Sharing ideas among professionals of all parts of the world is essential in nowadays´ globalized world. To know how things are being done and solved in other countries where circumstances are different, can be inspirational for professionals with a same kind of situation.

    Regarding to accessibility, sometimes there are cities or countries where accessibility is starting to be implemented, or maybe cities with especially difficult conditions because its orography or buildings, and having a look to the ideas of professionals and projects that are already being developed can shed some light to someone`s design process with the same situation in any part of the world.

    This cooperation can show us how enriching can be the exchange of knowledge and how many synergies can be created with the resources and experiences of different professionals.

    There is a platform that fosters this collaboration for the Architecture of the future, where you can read few ideas posted about accessibility and universal design, and we encourage you to submit your own ideas to inspire and be part of the accessibility implementation by other professionals. You can visit the platform by clicking here.