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The main goal of the project is:

To provide educational institutions with the required tools and knowledge for compliance with the fundamental principles of D4ALL, enshrined in the European Regulations, thus enabling educators to train future representatives of society on how to address the challenges of people with disabilities within the various professional activities they will develop in the future.

The project has the following specific objectives:

  • Raise araweness among university students of the need to create environments that are respectful with human diversity, including the university environment itself

  • Provide the future professionals who will intervene in the design of the environments with tools that allow them to address challenges faced by people with disabilities

  • To get educators to introduce D4ALL in their teaching programmes and even in the end of degree projects

  • Make D4ALL present in the basis of every university degree. In this way, the main operative objectives of the project will address

  • Develop a self-assessment guide to analyse and identify D4ALL content in university educational programmes

  • Design a replicable “teacher training course” on D4ALL and Universal Accessibility in terms of people with disabilities

  • Implement and validate the tools and knowledge that educators have acquired, in real training environment within the participating degrees´modules

  • Develop a formative new strategy proposal through a D4ALL educational programme to be implemented in EU Universities. The transnational dimension of the project is the key to be able to analyse the different modules taught in each of the Arch. and Civil Eng. university degrees within the different countries, in order to identify those that may have a closer link with the fundamental. principles of the D4ALL or with the inclusion of people with disabilities in society